Account Payment Policy

The Customer Accounts Department of Maxnet is dedicated to accurate and timely processing of client invoices and payments, and communicating with customers regarding such. We will make reasonable effort to ensure that you are invoiced correctly each month for the services you have used and at the prices you expect.

It is your responsibility to provide us with current and accurate contact information for billing purposes. Invoices will be delivered by email to the last email address provided by you and posted invoices will be delivered to the last postal address provided by you. Invoices are available at all times in the Maxnet Members Centre (

In most cases invoices will only be emailed. There is an $1.00 service fee for any posted invoices (Note: invoices are only posted at your request).

There is a $1.00 service fee for the processing of payments made by cheque. A 1% credit is given to customers on all payments made by direct debit.

If at any time you have a question about a particular service or amount, we urge you to contact us before the due date. We will promptly investigate the situation and contact you with any findings and adjustments. Adjustments to invoices will appear on the following invoice. The payment for the amount of the invoice is expected by the due date or the date upon which we respond to your invoice query - whichever is later.

Questions regarding invoices must be raised within 60 days. After 60 days the invoice shall be considered accurate.

If your invoice is not paid by the due date then reminder notices will be emailed to you. If payment is not received prior to the next invoice date, a 2% finance fee ($1 minimum) will be automatically applied. This is equivalent to our bank overdraft interest rate plus 5% per annum.

Maxnet strives to have a reasonable, reliable and responsible relationship with you at all times. If at anytime you have difficulty making a payment on time, please contact us to let us know when payment can be expected

If we do not hear from you then accounts with an unpaid balance will be suspended. While we will send you notice, via email or post, prior to suspension, an account may be suspended without notice. At this point a $10.00 suspension fee will be automatically applied.

If we still do not hear from you or receive payment after being suspended, the account may be sent to Maxnet's debt collection agency. If an account is sent for debt collection an $85 debt recovery fee will be charged to the client as well as all cost incurred by the collection agency during the course of collecting the debt.

All prices quoted on this page are GST inclusive.