Acceptable Use Policy

Customers of Maxnet shall avoid unnecessary network traffic and interference with other users.

Unsolicited advertising by Maxnet customers is strictly prohibited. For the purpose of this Policy, "unsolicited advertising" includes any transmission that describes goods, products, or services and that is initiated by the vendor, provider, retailer, or manufacturer of the described goods, products, or services, or by a third party retained by, affiliated with, or related to the vendor, provider, retailer, or manufacturer.

This prohibition does not include either
(i) discussions of a product or service's relative advantages and disadvantages by users of those products or services (unless the user is also the vendor, provider, retailer, or manufacturer, or related to or affiliated with the vendor, provider, retailer, or manufacturer),

(ii) responses to questions, but only if such responses are direct replies to those who inquired via electronic mail, or

(iii) mailings to individuals or entities on a mailing list so long as the list is double opt-in and opt-out functionality.

Customers shall not stalk others, post, transmit, host on a server or display on a website any unlawful, threatening, abusive, fraudulent, hateful, defamatory, malicious, obscene and/or pornographic content.

Any communication, posting or transmission that commits or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, national, or international law is strictly prohibited.

As Maxnet provides an Internet filtering service, no web content shall be hosted on our network that would be blocked in Net Guardian's obscene, criminal or porn categories.

Customers shall not access or attempt to gain access to any other user's account or to any nonpublic or restricted portions of the Maxnet networks. Also, customers shall not intercept or attempt to intercept data transmissions of any kind.

Maxnet has broad authority to interpret and apply this Acceptable Use Policy. Maxnet is entitled to modify or amend these policies at any time and if so will post notice on the Maxnet news section of the website. Customers shall review regularly notices posted on-line. Any such modification is effective immediately upon notice being provided regardless of whether customers actually reads such notice.

If customers violate either the Acceptable Use Policy as set out in this document Maxnet shall notify the customer of the violation. Upon notification, the customer shall immediately cease the unacceptable activity and shall provide Maxnet with written verification that the activity which breached these terms has ceased.

If the customer does not terminate the unacceptable activity or that same user is again found in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, Maxnet may immediately suspend service without further notice.

Maxnet is entitled to treat any breach of these Acceptable Use Policies as a breach of the Standard Trading Terms and Conditions, and Maxnet may exercise all remedies provided therein. Customers will indemnify Maxnet against any liabilities incurred by them as a result of any breach of these policies.